Projects portfolio

Over six decades we have supplied marble for numerous projects around the world. Big and smaller, luxury and commercial projects were dressed in marble having and amazing result.

  • Post office Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 15.000m2, Thassos White
  • Post office Dammam, Saudi Arabia, 15.000m2, Thassos White
  • Council of Ministers, Bagdhad, Iraq, 50.000m2, Thassos White
  • Casa de la Cultura, Corunia, Spain, 6.000m2, Kavala Semi-White
  • Hotel Paraiso, Benidorm, Spain, 7.000m2, Kavala Semi-White
  • Hokuriku Pharmaceutical, Fukui, Japan, 3.000m2, Sunny White
  • Residentia Torox, Malaga, Spain, 8.000m2, Kavala Semi-White
  • Concert Hall Thessaloniki, Greece, 7000m2, Kavala Semi-White
  • Earth Theater, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2000m2, Travertino Greco
  • German Embassy, Athens, Greece, Prinos
  • National Bank, Alexandroupolis, Greece, 2000m2, Pentelicon White

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